August 9, 2018

4 Reasons You Want to Maintain Your Roof

A roof is one of the most fundamental components of any home. The condition of your home's roof could have a direct impact on the comfort and stability of your property over time.

Given the vital role of roofing materials in the overall structural integrity of a home, it's surprising that many homeowners dismiss the importance of regular roof maintenance.

Here are some compelling reasons to maintain your roof properly.

1. Keep Your Home Healthy

You may be surprised to discover the condition of your roof can have an impact on the overall health of your home.

If you don't invest in routine maintenance, you likely increase the chance that your roof could develop leaks. These leaks allow moisture to infiltrate your home's building envelope. This moisture can contribute to mold and mildew inside your home. Unfortunately, exposure to certain types of mold and mildew could negatively affect your family's health.

Routine roof maintenance allows a qualified roofing contractor to identify and repair any minor damage to your home's roof. This maintenance will prevent leaks and protect your family from mold and mildew exposure.

2. Increase Your Home's Value

Property values can fluctuate over time. While some of the factors that affect property values may be out of your control, you do have the ability to maintain your home's curb appeal. And experts estimate that home's with a high curb appeal tend to sell for 7 percent more than their competitors.

Your roof is a major visual element in your home's exterior aesthetic. A roof that is in poor condition can detract from the overall value of your home. If you invest in routine maintenance performed by a licensed roofing contractor, you can preserve the integrity and beauty of your roof. This will boost your home's curb appeal and help maximize your property value over time.

3. Maximize Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a major concern for modern homeowners. The more energy efficient your home is, the less money you will spend on utilities each month.

Your roof plays a vital role in determining the energy efficiency of your home. Any damage your roof sustains could compromise the energy efficiency of your living space.

Damaged roofing materials develop leaks, and leaks have the potential to ruin the insulation materials that are installed as part of your home's roofing system. Without adequate insulation, the energy efficiency of your home will suffer.

Leaks can also increase humidity levels inside your home. High humidity leads to an increased use of dehumidifiers, which can use a lot of electricity.

Regular roof maintenance will help you maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

4. Secure Insurance Claim Payouts

The insurance policy that protects your home covers many types of roof repairs. And since roof repairs can be costly, homeowners rely heavily on the financial help they receive from their insurance company when their roof needs major repairs.

Unfortunately, a lack of ongoing maintenance could compromise your ability to receive an insurance claim payout for roof damage. An insurance adjuster will evaluate the condition of your roof once you submit a claim against your homeowners' insurance policy. If the adjuster discovers that major roof damage occurred because you didn't maintain your roof properly over time, your claim could be denied.

Work with your roofing contractor to establish a maintenance schedule that will secure your access to any insurance claim payouts you may need to pay for major roof repairs in the future.

Roof maintenance is an important part of homeownership. Contact B & H Roofing LLC to learn more about maintaining the integrity of your home's roof.

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